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Are longboards good for cruising?

If you’re thinking about getting a longboard for cruising, chances are that you would likely to have relatively satisfying experiences. Due to their unique traits, the longboards are considered to be more suitable for cruising activities. Let’s find out about these features as well as learning how to choose a good longboard specifically for cruising.

When It Comes To Cruising

There is no doubt about it, in most cases, the longboards are more superior when it comes to cruising-related activities. And we have good reasons for that.

More stability

Due to its large and flat deck, longboards provide much better stability and comfortability for boarders. This allows you to enjoy your longboarding fun without having to worry too much about maintaining the stability on your board.

In addition, longboards usually feature wider and more stable trucks, which also enhance your overall stability. And due to the design of the deck, your trucks can stay relatively low on the ground, allowing for safer and more comfortable rides.

On top of that, the large trucks also allow for thicker wheels and result in the better reliability while you’re riding on your board.

Better speed

The Quest longboards
The Quest longboards

Moreover, with wider trucks and unique decks, longboarders can mount larger wheels on their boards without having to pay too much attention to the wheel bites. As a result, the larger wheels would enhance your overall speed as you travel on your board.

More comfortable

Since you can easily mount different types of wheels on your longboard, boarders can easily customize the right wheel for their skating style. For cruising, soft wheels are always better. Having soft wheels would mean that you’ll experience smoother and more comfortable rides on your board.

And most importantly, for cruising, you’ll have access to some of the most flexible boards. These would be extremely helpful when dealing with rough terrains.

Easy to ride

Most longboard beginners will find their new longboards relatively easy to ride on. This is mostly because of the large and flat decks which enhance your stability as well as giving you more space to stand on the board.

In addition, the large and thick wheels on longboards would give you safer and more comfortable rides. Plus, your board would also travel faster on large wheels.

Choosing Good Longboards For Cruising

The Squared edge
The Squared edge

Now you’ve known about the undeniable advantages of longboard for cruising-related activities. It’s necessary to know what are the deciding features when choosing your own longboard.

A suitable deck

The first and most important part on your longboard that you would want to pay attention to is your longboard deck. In most cases, longboard decks should come with a long and wide deck, allowing for better stability while you’re skating down the road.

In additions, having a deck with a pointy head is also recommended for cruising-related activities. This is largely because the aerodynamic designs would help you get rid of the wind resistance while you’re riding, allowing to ride faster and longer. In these cases, the pintail longboard deck is probably the best option for cruising activities.

And last but not least, in any case, your longboards must always come with a large wheelbase. This would make sure that you can have a comfortable stance on your board, allowing for great comfort even during a long ride.

About the wheels

Depending on your preferences there are many different types of wheels that you could install on your board.

If you’re interested in short-distance cruising around your district or campus, having large and thick wheels might not be the best idea. Instead, small and thin wheels will allow you to travel relatively fast while reducing the weight of your board in case you have to carry it.

On the other hand, if you prefer long-distance travels on your longboard, it’s also fine. All you’ll need to do is large and thicker wheels on your board. It would provide much better speed for you to get to your destination while making your board immune to small rocks and pebbles on the roads.

High-quality bearings

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard
Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

For most boarding-related activities, the bearings are always important components on your boards. These small accessories help to facilitate the rotations of your wheels, allowing for smoother and faster rides.

That being said, if you’re planning to do a lot of cruising on your longboard, it’s recommended to get yourself high-quality bearings. You should also pay attention to the ABEC ratings as they would determine your overall experiences on the board.

Having bearings with high ABEC ratings means that your board would perform better while riding at high speeds, something that you’ll need as you’re cruising on your board.

Reliable and sturdy trucks

For cruising enthusiasts, having reliable and sturdy trucks would ensure that you won’t likely to experience any difficulties with the control and maneuver of your board, especially with the longboard beginners. This allows you to focus on enjoying the experiences, instead of worry about whether you would fall off.

In addition, for cruising, it’s recommended to have relatively low trucks that can keep your board close to the ground. You might not notice it but would make your board a lot more stable and reliable when you step on it.

Plus, since you won’t likely to perform any tricks or do high-speed racing on the board, having a low deck won’t have too many negative effects.

Stay away from the sticky grip tape

The MEKETEC board
The MEKETEC board

Since all you’ll do on your board is cruising and casual transportations, there is no need for a sticky grip tape to keep your feet stick on the board. In additions, if you’re using your longboard for cruising around your campus or the local district, the sticky grip tape would destroy your beloved shoes. That being said, grip tape with less stickiness is enough to keep you going.

And that’s our opinions on whether longboards are good for cruising. Hope you like it and thanks for reading. We’ll see you in our future posts.


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