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Who are the world’s best skateboarders?

In case you haven’t know about skateboarding, it’s a challenging sport and requires a lot of practices to reach perfection. And once in a while, you’ll not be able to keep your motivation because of frustrations.

We’re all been there before, and it’s really difficult to get out of these situations. But I’ve discovered an effective way to motivate myself back, it’s by looking at other great skateboarders’ personal stories. By doing this, I quickly encourage myself to get up and keep working harder.

The list below consist of the best skateboarders that the world has ever witnessed. All are selected with care and placed in no particular order, so you can focus on their stories instead of wondering which one is better.

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen
Rodney Mullen

Being one of the most influential skateboarders, Rodney Mullen is undoubtedly the first name to think of when I create this list.

Growing up on a farm that is surrounded by crop fields and long stretches of smooth concrete, the young Mullen is pretty much isolated from the skating world.

But that didn’t stop him from picking up his love for skateboarding. Rodney immediately fell in love with skateboarding when his friends showed him a skateboard for the first time.

And because of the isolation from the skateboarding world, he began to develop his own styles and tricks.

After being spotted from local competition, Mullen joined the Bones Brigade – the most famous skating crew at that time.

The later years are the most successful ones in his entire career. Thanks to his earlier practices, Mullen’s skills quickly improved. Moreover, he also invented the Kickflip, which has been stapled for modern freestyle skateboarding.

Today skateboarders consider Rodney Mullen as the “Godfather” of street skateboarding.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk

The “Birdman” is probably the most famous skateboarders of all time. If you were to run out of the street asking people for a skateboarder’s name, mostly nine out of ten would say Tony Hawk. This is mostly thanks to the popularizing of the famous Tony Hawk skateboard franchise.

But Tony’s journey started way back in the 70s when he was still a teenager with an endless passion for skateboarding. Even at that age, his talent was already recognized, and becoming a pro is just a matter of time.

With his recruitment to the Bones Brigade which is also the crew of the “Godfather” – Rodney Mullen, Tony’s professional career begins. The “Birdman” got his nickname for being the first to hit the 900, which is a trick where he rotates two and a half rounds on the board.

And thanks to his later success, Tony Hawk received fame and public attention. Hence, the Tony Hawk skateboarding series and its story became a part of history.
Nowadays, Tony is living a comfortable life while maintaining great popularity.

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston
Nyjah Huston

If you haven’t watched this kid, then either you’re living in a cage or have no interest in skateboarding at all.

Nyjah Huston is one of a few great talents from the next-gen skateboarders. Despite being born in 1994, the boy has already gotten himself a huge collection of different titles.

Between 2011 and 2016, Huston has won a total of 11 X Games medals with seven of which were gold. His successes received a lot of public attention, and they named him the “competition machine”.

But that’s just one side of the story. The fact that Nyjah was born with natural talent and has spent countless hours of practice ever since being introduced to the skating world, what he has achieved is totally understandable.

He is known for being able to pull off insanely difficult tricks on the handrails that no other can perform.

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez

Introduced and encouraged to skateboarding by his parent, Paul Rodriguez is one of those few boarders who received support from their families. In fact, he even received a skateboard for beginners on Christmas Eve as a present from them.

Owing to his success at the X Games, Street League, The Berrics, The Dew Tour, and almost all other big competition, Paul Rodriguez becomes an easily recognizable face and is considered the best skateboarders of his generation.

Paul Rodriguez is praised for his unique style and incredible board control. You rarely see him fall from his board even after a failed trick, which is an impressive skill that all skateboarders should have.

Jay Adams

Jay Adams
Jay Adams

The bad bod skateboarder style is somewhat familiar with most of us. And it is Jay Adams who is the original bad boy of skateboarding.

With his father owning a skate shop and a burning desire for skateboarding, it’s not a surprise that Jay Adams started skateboarding at a very young age. In fact, he’s already a member of the Z-boys when he was 13.

His style is greatly influenced by surfing as he was also a dedicated surfer. And with such talent and style, it’s not surprising for Jay to become successful at a very young age.

But this also lured him to dangerous addictions that his young mind can’t deal with. Drug and alcohol addictions, assault convictions, and many other incidents have ruined the life of a great skateboarder.

Jay Adam died on 15th August 2015 after a fatal heart attack. And regardless of his bad behaviors at a young age, Jay is always remembered as one of the best skateboarders.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee
Jason Lee

You may be wondering “is this a joke?”, and the answer is no. We’re serious about the name and any other names on the list.

Little did you know, Jason Lee was also a very skilled professional skateboarder back in the late 80s and early 90s. At the height of his skating career, Jason was a featured in Blind Skateboard’s Video Days – one of the most respected skateboard video of all time.

And despite the fact that it is his acting career that made him famous, we can’t deny what skateboarding has given him.

It shows that a pro boarder can do everything just as good as he is with skateboarding.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.


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